Become a lifeline for survivors of domestic violence 

For most of us home is the place where we feel safest, especially during these uncertain times. But home isn't a safe place for everyone.

Right now is a particularity difficult time for survivors of domestic violence. Survivors who are sheltering in place with an abusive partner are in serious danger of escalating violence. Other survivors are struggling to meet their basic needs because of the COVID-19 crisis. Those who have left abusive partners worry that the loss of income will leave them with no choice but to return to their abusers, especially if they have children. Calls to our helpline and our advocates are increasing and the need is rising exponentially

You can bridge the gap

We need your help to ensure that LifeWire is a lifeline for survivors who need us and we can maintain our regular services and rise to meet the new and growing needs. 

Become a lifeline for survivors and donate today. Your support makes a powerful difference—providing compassionate services, safe housing and hope to domestic violence survivors, children and families when they need it most. 

We also invite you to join us a LifeWire Caring Community Campaign Ambassador by clicking the "Become an Ambassador" button. It’s easy to set up your own fundraising campaign and invite your community to help build a world where everyone lives free from violence.

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